Give the Gift of Custom Salesforce Training to Your Team

Has your original vision for your Salesforce instance come to fruition? If not, your team may be lacking the necessary training they desperately need.
Give the Gift of Custom Salesforce Training to Your Team

After months of careful software solution evaluations, you and your team have decided Salesforce is the right platform to meet your team’s challenges and future needs. You acquired the necessary licenses for your staff and did a quick start implementation to get your new solution up and rolling.

How is that quick start implementation working out so far? Has your original vision for your Salesforce instance come to fruition? If not, your team may be lacking the necessary training they desperately need.

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Staff Custom Salesforce Training this Holiday Season:

1. Simplifies a Complex Product.

Salesforce has countless capabilities including impressive reporting, automation and departmental alignment possibilities for businesses. All the in-depth solutions Salesforce offers can almost be distracting for new users if they aren’t sure where their attention should be focused as it pertains to their specific role.

Custom Salesforce training can simplify these intricacies and make Salesforce less of a mystery. Ultimately, you want it to be seen in the eyes of your staff as a necessary tool they can't imagine not having; but they need the proper user skills in place to be able to see this proven model of success working for them. The only way to get there is with decent training.

2. Creates a Structured Approach.

When you invest in custom Salesforce training for your team, not only is your team developing critical skills; you are laying down the framework for a structured approach for newly onboarded team members. For example, say your latest new hire is familiar with various CRM tools, but has yet to work with Salesforce. What is the onboarding process going to be like for this new employee? Have you invested in training? If not, your new staff member is most likely going to adopt a “learn as they go” approach, which isn’t efficient or beneficial.

If your team gets Salesforce training, you will inevitably have documented processes of how to do certain tasks inside of Salesforce with an explanation behind why you do things a particular way. This will save you time in the short and long-term. Immediately, current team members on staff will be trained, so they are working more efficiently, but they also have a structured approach with recorded processes they can easily reference whenever they need that support. Similarly, in the long-term, your new staff is going to be trained by senior staff and will also have methods in place they can rely on as well so there is one unified and streamlined approach.

3. It’s Personal.

Custom Salesforce training means exactly what it sounds like, you’re going to get an approach that’s been tailored to your team’s needs. When you work with your Salesforce Consulting firm on training, they are going to ask you a range of questions to help them diagnose where possible disconnects may be occurring and what the best solution is going to be for your team. They will consider everything from current skill sets to roles and create a plan of action that makes the most sense for your specific instance.

Additionally, what’s great about this custom approach is your team members are going to feel comfortable in asking for specific help and gear the training towards areas where they know there is room for improvement. This custom approach ensures training is being spent where it matters and where your team truly needs it. As a result, you avoid spending time training on tasks your team is already well-versed in; making the overall process the most effective and productive for your team.

4. Raises Team Buy-In.

When your team is well versed in Salesforce after going through an in-depth training, they will become your Salesforce user champions. Create the buy-in you need for team members who may be reluctant to fully utilize the platform to its fullest capabilities with custom training. Once your team is trained, general user confidence builds and team buy-in will increase which is critical for your user adoption strategy. Without creating a general consensus among your team that this is the right platform for everyone; the door is being left wide open for doubt and low usage of the platform, which in all actuality, defeats the purpose of the initial investment.

Ultimately, committing to the continued development of your team’s skill set and knowledge is the greatest gift you could give your staff this season. A tailored training package for your team means your staff is going to be left more empowered with their work processes as they will become more knowledgeable, work will be more enjoyable, and team efficiency will skyrocket--creating the perfect formula for higher job satisfaction and a positive company culture.

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Kayla Hasler is the former Digital Marketing Manager at Abelian. A versatile marketing professional that brings a wide breadth of experience to her role.