National Wellness Month: 5 Tips to Gain Productivity through Wellness Habits

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, some companies experienced an ROI of approximately $2.73 of every dollar spent on programs for employee well-being.
National Wellness Month: 5 Tips to Gain Productivity through Wellness Habits

Wellness and health are often seen as a luxury, but really, it’s more of a necessity.

The truth is that many companies have benefited from prioritizing the wellness of their employees. In a survey done by Harvard Business Review , employees who scored low on “life satisfaction” took up to 15 more days a year off in contrast to employees who scored high. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, some companies experienced an ROI of approximately $2.73 of every dollar spent on programs for employee well-being. Implementing health and wellness habits lowers the risk of chronic diseases and health issues.

This is why it is important for each of us to recognize that health and wellness is in the best interest of our companies and more importantly, our well being. National Wellness Month is adding easy wellness habits to your daily routine.

National Wellness Month Habits to Take into Everyday Life

If you’re not sure on how to improve your wellness habits, here are some ways our team has adapted, along with some bonus tips and tricks!

Eat Clean

Your diet is based on your environment. Make your environment work for you by replacing bad options with good ones. This adjustment will change how you look at food and nutrition -- where it is an experience in both healthy habits and the exploration of new foods to try with your loved ones. As you do so, consider trying this recipe by our Marketing Manager and salad connoisseur, Kayla Hasler:

Chicken Champagne Salad


Go Outside

In times like these, it’s hard to get outside. Whether you’re working from home, or back in office, there’s nature and beauty all around. Sometimes we get so caught up at our desks that we forget our bodies are in need of natural light and our senses are in need of beauty and peace. Studies Studies say that exposure to greenspace can reduce the risks for type II diabetes, stress and high blood pressure. So get outside, and enjoy your surroundings!

Get Moving

You don’t have to follow the workout plans of athletes to feel like you are doing your part. Simply getting a walk in, stretching, or swimming can be greatly beneficial to your health. One of our project managers enjoys a yoga sequence everyday to ensure physical and mental alignment. When you’re managing robust projects, it’s important to prioritize wellness before tackling big tasks! Instead of lunch, I enjoy a 3 mile run for a mid day challenge! Our CEO gets a pump from kettle-bell workouts -- no matter how you do it, just get moving! Moving your body improves brain functionality and connection. How about hitting 30 jumping jacks before a call to ensure brain connectivity!

Set the Stage

Beyonce demands rose scented candles, Rhianna requests relaxed lighting, Blake Shelton requires beef jerky. As innovators, we need to set the stage for our best performances. Offices and desks are where more than 8 hours of our day are spent working and being thought leaders, these environments are a part of our wellness as well. If possible, choose one space that is only for work so that you can quickly pivot into work mode. Try to use natural lighting, or make sure your space is well lit so that you are not straining your vision. Candles, plants, and music are huge when designing your workspace too. Well designed workspaces lead to higher productivity, less stress, and of course, better well being.


Go Beyond Self Care Trends

Taking care of yourself has become a popular trend, but not without reason. Self care allows you to be at your best potential and thus being completely present for clients and coworkers. Reading books or engaging in artistic activities is a good way to shift your focus and reload on energy.

However, one of the most important sources of recharge is sleep. While you sleep, your body removes toxins from your brain and other vital organs that build up when you are awake. Fatigue, losing concentration, and irritability can all come from being sleep deprived. Sometimes when we have deadlines to meet, sleep takes a back seat, but we need to ensure a proper sleeping schedule everyday.

This National Wellness Month we are recognizing that prioritizing wellness and health is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Remain productive and innovative by ensuring your mind, body, and spirit are in their best shape!


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