Top Salesforce Consulting Firms: A Guide to the Best Salesforce Partner for Your Business

Stop spending time worrying about getting your Salesforce instance working the way you need it by leveraging the top Salesforce consulting firms.
Top Salesforce Consulting Firms: A Guide to the Best Salesforce Partner for Your Business

Ensuring your business is running smoothly while getting each department in complete alignment is strategically demanding. Coupled with automating processes in your Salesforce ecosystem, the entire operation can be overwhelming.    

Stop spending time worrying about getting your Salesforce instance working the way you need it by leveraging the top Salesforce consulting firms.

How do you know what to look for in a Salesforce Consulting Partner?

6 Key Questions to Ask Yourself When Evaluating Top Salesforce Consulting Firms

1. Do They Think of Your Long-term Solutions?

Any partner can listen to your immediate concerns, and send you a proposal fitting with simply those tasks addressed. A skilled Salesforce implementation firm will examine and build a plan for you that is not only based on your success today, but your business’s growth for the next decade and beyond. Choose a firm who thinks of scalable and creative solutions that are designed for your organization's longevity--not simply order takers. A true consulting firm is going to provide you with that level of depth and be as equally concerned about your business as you are.

2. What is Their Product Knowledge?

Is there a specific cloud your company needs help with? Pardot, Sales Cloud, Field Service Lightning…? Make sure the team you are working with has completed several successful projects specific to the Salesforce solution you need assistance with or multiple certifications in the respective technology. For example, don’t be afraid to ask, “How many Field Service Lightning projects have you completed?” You need to make sure that the company you are working with is an expert in the solution you need so you know you are getting the best of the best for your organization.

3. Is There Opportunity for Managed Support?

So what happens after you select a team to move forward with and they go live with your instance? Does the Salesforce consulting firm offer managed support packages? If not, you should look elsewhere. Your company is going to grow. New team members will join, you might need new custom templates, integrations or start to offer additional services/products--you’re going to want a team that is ready and available to support those needs. Make sure to ask if the company is offering opportunities for continued support after your instance is live with managed service packages.

4. What is Their Salesforce Consulting Partner Tier Level?

Salesforce Consulting Partners are all categorized by different tier levels. Tier levels are determined by a number of factors, but know that each level is going to signify variation in the firm’s consulting rates and level of expertise. There are five Salesforce Consulting Partner tiers: Registered, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Global Strategic. For your partner evaluation purposes, know that consulting rates start at the lowest cost with Registered partners all the way to the highest rates with Global Strategic. For example, if you are an enterprise level organization, a Platinum or Global Strategic would most likely be best suited for your team. They have more experience implementing larger instances and your technology budget will most likely align with their consulting rates. If you are a small to medium sized business, a Silver or Gold partner would be good firms to evaluate for your team as they still have a great deal of experience, but more moderate consulting rates that can match your budget.

Finally, Registered Partners would be best for startups as they will have the most competitive rates available, which is helpful when budgets are tight. Throughout your partner evaluation inquiries, be sure to ask which tier level the firm holds as you compare and contrast between partners to ensure it aligns with your technology budget.

5. How is Their Customer Service?

What has the process been like so far with the firms you have been evaluating? Do they have a pleasant demeanor, sincerely listen, and respond back in a timely manner? Their customer service behavior before you sign on to be a partner with them, is generally a good indicator on how their approach will be throughout your long-term relationship. This could be one of the most if not the most important evaluation criteria. Ultimately, if the consulting partner you are working with is excellent with their customer service and is someone you genuinely enjoy working with, it speaks volumes to the type of firm they are internally and externally. Their dedication to their customer service is a good sign that they will be just as dedicated to the technologies they implement for your organization and likewise if their customer service and communication is poor, there isn’t a lot of confidence to be had that their implementations will be much better.

6. Do They Have Solid Social Credibility?

A key step in your evaluation process is to thoroughly examine a firm’s past success and the clients they have helped. Do they have customer success stories or case studies available for you to see? Even better if they have success stories they can provide from past clients who worked in a similar industry to your organization’s so you can see the firm’s model of success working for others with similar pain points to your own. Additionally, what kind of return on investments have they delivered? Do they have any statistics they can share with you on how much they increased their past client’s productivity or efficiency? This type of data is extremely valuable in determining what your overall gains will be to your organization so you can make an informed decision as you consider each firm. Also, it’s especially beneficial to read as many reviews as you can to learn from the personal experiences of other organizations so you can get a true and comprehensive picture of the type of firm you could be working with for your short and long-term goals.

Ultimately, your Salesforce instance is an investment in the future of your business--setting it up for maximum productivity and team alignment. Trusting and finding the right partner can be daunting. It is important that you take the time to carefully evaluate who the right partner is for you.  Use this questionnaire internally with your team as you interview potential Salesforce consulting partners who could align with your vision and goals. When you partner with one of the top Salesforce consulting firms, “the proof is in the pudding”. You will have a team that is there for your long-term support and have acquired a Salesforce instance that you not only love, but has made your vision for automated business processes a reality.

If you need an implementation partner and aren’t sure on where to begin. Abelian is a Silver Salesforce Consulting Partner and can provide you with a complimentary mini Salesforce strategy session. Contact us and we will thoughtfully examine how we can improve your Salesforce environment so your data is handled more accurately, you have strong automated processes and you are left with more time to dedicate to your core area of business.


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