Latinx in STEM

Throughout the years, professional industries in the United States operated on one track. There was little to no palpable diversity in the workforce.
Latinx in STEM

Throughout the years, professional industries in the United States operated on one track. There was little to no palpable diversity in the workforce. However in recent years, the number of Baby Boomers has been surpassed by Millennials as the most diverse American generation; one-quarter of which are Latinx. (The Changing U.S. Workforce: The Growing Hispanic Demographic and the Workplace ) Difficulties arose growing up Latinx in the United States. A common theme that resonates with many first generation individuals is the value of hard work and humility that is instilled at a young age.

The Latinx in STEM Experience

Kenia Ibarra, Visual Producer

“ My parents left their home country, family, language, and normalcy to pursue a better life for themselves and their legacy in Los Angeles, CA. I recall my father working a full-time job, coming home for dinner, then sneaking out the window for night school where he was learning English. My mother was 23, raising 2 daughters and working a part-time job; while also taking typing classes (when those were a thing).

One of the most difficult struggles was FAFSA, or college admissions. This was the first time any of us had ever done this, so all of us were figuring it out on the way (and definitely made mistakes). When it came to picking majors, tech was not an option. Nonetheless, here we are. “

Adrian Rios-Alvarez, Senior Salesforce Consultant
“Growing up a first generation Mexican immigrant in such a technologically-advanced country was not easy. All of my friends growing up had the latest gadgets, mp3 players and video game systems but I only had what my parents deemed necessary technology for school since they grew up without advanced technology and saw no value in it.

As you can imagine, when the time came for me to choose a university and choose a career path, it was puzzling for my parents to find out that I wanted to major in Business and Information Technology with the goal of being a Technology Consultant.

As I’ve grown further and further in my career, I have been able to share with my parents the usefulness of advanced technology and I’ve been able to share how Abelian has been able to use Salesforce to help non-profits, workforce agencies, and other organizations advanced their workflows and be able to expand their reach when helping job seekers or candidates in need of assistance. As I occasionally make trips to under-developed areas in Mexico, I can see just how technology can assist with some of the socio-economic problems that those areas face.

My hope, and the hope of other Latinx in this industry, is that we’re able to use our knowledge of advanced technology and STEM to further educate the Latin community and create opportunities for growth within our community - whether that be economic growth or personal growth through the use of virtual education.”

Despite our unique challenges, Latinx people take up 7% of the STEM workforce, and are growing. More and more Latinx people have lent a hand so that others could join them. The Latino STEM Alliance has partnered with schools and communities to help children imagine themselves in STEM careers by providing hands on learning experiences. Latinas in Tech is working to create safe spaces for mentorship, recruitment, and leadership. These are examples of Latinx people who have taken the opportunity to empower others to reach their full potential.

Abelian seeks to create an inclusive culture by promoting diversity throughout our organization. Creating a culture of diversity allows the team at Abelian to connect their experiences for a shared vision; to empower businesses and help them thrive through technology. As we move in the narrative of being a forward thinking fluid tech startup, we remain cognizant of the work our team has done internally to produce a competitive advantage through unique points of view.


Kenia is the Visual Producer and Social Media Specialist at Abelian. She holds a versatile  skill set in graphic design, photo & video, and other areas of Digital Media. With diverse experience in the creative space, Kenia’s focus is on creating captivating content that converts.