Four Ways a Well Built Salesforce Instance Saves Your Team Time

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? Do you know how much time you actually spend doing your core work versus tasks that could be automated?
Four Ways a Well Built Salesforce Instance Saves Your Team Time

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? Do you know how much time you actually spend doing your core work versus tasks that could be automated? According to a study by Automation Anywhere , most employees spend sixty hours per month completing tasks that could be automated. That is over a week of work that is all lost due to manual processes! When you times that by the number of team members at your organization and their salaries, it quickly adds up. With Salesforce as your CRM and a well designed implementation, you can eliminate the majority of your manual processes, giving your team back time and saving money for your organization.

4 Salesforce Instance Time Savers That Make Your Organization More Productive Overnight

1. Lightning Sync with Google

Did you know that you can sync your Gmail with Salesforce? With the Salesforce Chrome Extension you can truly blend your Gmail and Salesforce together without having to constantly toggle back and forth between screens. When important emails come up that you want to document in Salesforce, you can attach emails right into Salesforce from your Gmail, including any attachments. The next time you go inside of Salesforce, you can see under Past Activities the email you saved. The power of the extension can also be seen in Case and Task creation. Without ever having to leave Gmail, you can create relevant Tasks or Cases with the information from the email you currently have open. Also, if you want to stay connected to Chatter, but need to attend to some emails, the extension allows you to see Chatter notifications so you can stay informed.

Additionally, when you’re writing an email, you can see the names in Salesforce relevant to the email you’re writing. Likewise, when you open a new email from your inbox, all the names on the email will show up in your Salseforce view. From there, you can see if the individuals on your email are a part of any Account. What’s really exciting is that you can easily update Contacts when you receive an email. The extension will see if a Contact is inside of Salesforce and if not, automatically displays a “Add to Salesforce” button so you can add your email correspondent as a Contact or a Lead immediately. When you go to add the new Contact, dependent on the information in the email, Salesforce may be able to pre-populate many of the fields for the Contact before you go to even make your first entry. Further, if you don’t want to always have the Salesforce view open, you can easily collapse and expand the Salesforce view as needed. As long as your Salesforce has been properly configured to allow for the extension, you can add to Gmail through the Chrome Web Store.

2. Salesforce Mobile App

Among the many things we learned from 2020 is that you have to be able to work anywhere. With the Salesforce Mobile App, you can quickly update Salesforce, you don’t need to wait to get back to your computer and risk forgetting important information that needs to be added to your Salesforce instance. Say for example you’re grabbing lunch and get a call, but you don’t have a place to document what took place on the call. You could look for a piece of paper in your car or even the notes section on your phone and update your CRM later, but why do that when you’re creating duplicitous work? Alternatively, you could streamline the process and take care of the documentation once and in real time. With Einstein Voice Instant, you can turn your words into opportunities with voice commands and say something like, “She’s the CMO and works at Harper Inc”. This way your contact can be created and you can create any tasks that need to be addressed right then and there. Now you can rest assured that the information has been added to your Salesforce Instance, you can clear your mind, and enjoy your lunch.

3. Intelligent Metrics

To help your team maximize productivity, you need to get off of Excel for complex reports. Empower your team with shared dashboards inside of Salesforce that automatically update with relevant data for each department. This way your team members can get back to their core job responsibilities and spend less time on manually creating reports that can take hours. With Salesforce, once you set up your configurations properly to create the reports you need, it’s ready for you 24/7 and everyone has access right away to the data they need. One important dashboard that can help boost productivity is a forecast dashboard for sales teams to get a bird’s eye view of where the company is at for the next quarter and which opportunities need the most focus. For accounting teams, a dashboard that displays the financial health of the company in real time is critical in helping executive team members make important decisions with regards to budgets, hiring and which expenses should be reduced. Additionally marketing teams can greatly benefit from a shared dashboard with management. Marketing teams can get a marketing dashboard to show all campaign activity, subsequent leads, filter leads by industry and compare ROI in relation to spend for each campaign. With robust reporting set up for all departments across an organization, team members will save valuable time, your data will be updated quickly and team leaders can check on the health of each facet of the organization and always stay in the loop.

4. Automate Tasks

With a well structured implementation, the possibilities for teams to become more and more efficient are truly limitless. The automation of tasks that could have otherwise become time consuming are automatically addressed and the momentum for each task continues. For example, sales representatives can save time having to go get permission for discounts. Inside of Salesforce, sales teams can give their boss an alert when they need a discount approved right to their manager’s Salesforce. You can customize your workflows to set up this approval process, saving both you and your manager time; allowing your sales representative to get back to closing more deals. Additionally, if you have specific Salesforce tasks that you know need to happen after every closed won, you can have your Salesfore instance configured to already set up those tasks into place so you don’t need to worry about what to do next or what should happen following the closing of a deal, you’ve already configured Salesforce to do that for you.

Inherently, in this day and age of a more digital world, teams need to become more productive and the best way to raise their productivity, is to save them time with tasks that could be automated. Whether you need complex reporting configured, Gmail set up for Salesforce or custom workflows configured that you can take with you anywhere on the Salesforce Mobile App, you could be saving a tremendous amount of time with a number of custom Salesforce solutions. We understand configuring Salesforce and getting it to perform exactly the way you need it to can seem like a daunting task. As a team of Salesforce experts, we’re here to help you efficiently get your team to where they need to be. Discover how we helped take the Envent Corporation to a new level with a 25% increase in productivity.

When you’re ready to make your teams’ Salesforce goals a reality, we are here to make it happen. Get a free consultation today and we can answer any questions you may have on our process and how we can take your team to new heights with the power of Salesforce.


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