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Salesforce Service Cloud
Environmental Services for the Petrochemical Industry

The Challenge:

Envent Corporation, an industry leader for gas and water solutions, was struggling with an ineffective platform that lacked the technical support they needed.

Problems Faced:

  • Ineffective Mobile Solution:
Envent required a robust mobile solution that would enable their technicians to input data in the field, both online and offline, to streamline service delivery and reporting.
  • Inefficient Dispatching Process:
Their manual dispatching process needed an upgrade to a more efficient solution to save time and improve technician allocation.
  • Data Management and Reporting:
Envent needed to manage a vast amount of data, including custom fields and workflows to align with state regulations for easy reporting and compliance.

The Solution:

Envent turned to Abelian for a comprehensive Salesforce implementation strategy. Our tailored solution addressed their unique challenges and improved their operational efficiency. Our solution included:

  • Salesforce Field Service Mobile Application:
We migrated Envent's technicians to the Salesforce Field Service mobile application, giving them easy access to daily assignments both online and offline.
  • Custom Workflows and Service Reports:
We designed custom workflows to streamline essential data gathering on service reports, ensuring accurate and comprehensive data capture.
  • Territory and Crew Assignments:
Introducing territory and crew assignments simplified the dispatching process, enabling technicians to be assigned to the right job sites efficiently.
  • Standardized Quoting and Timesheets:
We migrated users to a standardized quoting process and Salesforce timesheets, enhancing data capture efficiency and streamlining quote creation and duplication.
  • Compliance with State Regulations:
We developed unique fields and workflows to help Envent follow state provisions, making it easy to generate reports showcasing their compliance with industry regulations.

The Results:



Increase in Efficient Dispatching:

There was a 35% decrease in outbound calls required for scheduling and dispatching technicians, leading to improved resource allocation.



Increase in Technician Productivity:
Envent experienced a 25% increase in productivity through optimized scheduling and dispatching of technicians in territory assignments and management.



Increase in Efficiency Creating Quotes and Timesheets:
The efficiency of creating and cloning quotes improved by 25%, and developing and duplicating timesheets and entries increased by 20%, saving a significant amount of time and effort.


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