Salesforce Field Service: The Secret to Bergelectric's Productivity Transformation

Abelian Services Provided:
Salesforce Field Service
Electrical and Technology Contracting for Construction

The Challenge:

Bergelectric is a premier electrical and technological contracting firm in the construction industry. They were experiencing a number of issues with their business processes including:

Problems Faced:

  • Manual Labor Cost Calculations: Bergelectric struggled with manual labor cost calculations, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors in their project cost estimation and billing processes.
  • Difficulty Managing National Clients: Managing national clients across multiple locations proved to be challenging due to the lack of a centralized system for client data, leading to communication gaps and delays in service delivery.
  • Unreliable On-Site Payment System: Their existing on-site payment system was unreliable and cumbersome, leading to customer dissatisfaction and delayed payments.
  • Inefficient Data Transfer from Opportunities to Work Orders: The manual transfer of data from opportunities to work orders was time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies, leading to delays in project execution and compromised service quality.

The Solution:

Bergelectric partnered with Abelian to implement a robust Salesforce Field Service solution that addressed their specific pain points and streamlined their operations. The key elements of this solution are:

  • Product Categorization: We customized Bergelectric's Salesforce to categorize their products as labor versus maintenance. This categorization allowed for better tracking and management of services, leading to improved workflow efficiency.
  • Work Order Flows: We set up work order flows that provided clear insight into service stages. This enhanced visibility and transparency enabled Bergelectric's team to manage their projects more effectively.
  • Automated Data Transfer: Abelian implemented automatic data transfer from opportunities to work orders, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for seamless service delivery.
  • Sales Tax Automation: We built an automation that calculated sales tax accurately based on clients' zip codes, eliminating manual calculations and potential errors.
  • On-Site Mobile Payment Solution: To enhance customer convenience and reliability, we provided an on-site mobile payment solution using, enabling quick and secure payment processing.
  • Labor Cost Update Automation: We configured labor costs to automatically update relative to service cost, streamlining financial processes and reducing administrative overhead.
  • Crew Assignment Notifications: Abelian set up an automation notification system that alerted employees when assigned to new crews, facilitating better team coordination.

The Results:

Enhanced Efficiency:

The automation of internal processes and streamlined data management reduced manual efforts, allowing Bergelectric's team to focus more on customer-centric activities and service delivery.

Improved Client Management:

With automated sales processes and accurate data, Bergelectric could efficiently convert opportunities into clients and manage national clients more effectively.

Real-time Insights:

The custom Salesforce configuration provided Bergelectric with accurate and up-to-date reports, empowering them to make data-driven decisions.

Seamless Service Delivery:

The on-site mobile payment solution improved the payment experience for customers, leading to increased satisfaction and repeat business.


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