Wilshire Refrigeration

From Brink to Breakthrough: Abelian's Salesforce Recovery

Abelian Services Provided:
Salesforce Field Service
Repair and Maintenance for B2B and B2C Refrigeration

The Challenge:

Wilshire Refrigeration was on the brink of abandoning Salesforce.

In the middle of a crucial implementation project, their previous Salesforce partner had fumbled their Salesforce Field Service implementation, a complex and crucial component for their business.

This resulted in project delays and an exponential growth of dissatisfaction, distrust, and frustration.

Problems Faced:

  • Failed Implementation: Their previous Salesforce partner had mishandled the Salesforce Field Service implementation, leading to a non-functional system and project delays.
  • Growing Frustration and Distrust: The failed implementation caused exponential growth in dissatisfaction, distrust, and frustration among Wilshire's team members.
Abelian Steps In:

Wilshire turned to us to fix their half-finished, non-functional Salesforce implementation. They were on the verge of abandoning the platform altogether.

Our expertise as a renowned Salesforce consulting company was immediately put to the test. We were handed a double-edged sword - the task of implementing Salesforce Field Service while also salvaging the strained relationship between Wilshire and Salesforce.

The Solution:

  • Systematic Troubleshooting: We engaged our top Salesforce solutions architects to identify and understand the root causes of the previous implementation issues, enabling us to design an optimized solution.
  • Transparent Communication: Recognizing the importance of restoring trust, we prioritized clear and transparent communication with Wilshire throughout the recovery process. They were involved and updated at every stage and decision.

The Results:

Successful Implementation:

Our Salesforce Field Service solution resulted in a fully functional system for Wilshire Refrigeration, providing them with the tools they needed to efficiently manage their repair and maintenance services.

Restored Trust and Confidence:

Through our client-centric approach, Wilshire's faith in Salesforce was completely restored, rebuilding their relationship with the platform and our team.

Long-Term Partnership:

Impressed by our expertise and dedication, Wilshire signed a 2-year contract, affirming Abelian as their sole Salesforce partner.


Your Salesforce Partner of Choice: Abelian

Our experience with Wilshire Refrigeration is a testament to our commitment and proficiency as a Salesforce consulting partner.

We have a proven track record of turning around challenging situations and a promise to deliver the best Salesforce solutions tailored to your needs.

At Abelian, we don't just implement Salesforce; we build lasting relationships, ensuring our clients' success with every step.

Start Your Transformation:

Is your business struggling with a failed Salesforce implementation like Wilshire Refrigeration did? Don't give up on the platform just yet. Let Abelian's Salesforce Recovery experts turn your situation around and deliver a transformative solution tailored to your needs.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation, and let our top Salesforce solutions architects analyze your challenges and propose a roadmap for recovery. We are committed to restoring your faith in Salesforce and helping your business thrive with a fully functional Salesforce Field Service implementation.

Schedule a call with one of our experts today to get started.

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